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last weekend sept 6th - 8th unfollowclub manned its first solo appearance. still, shared booth with @aric_taylor in true collab fashion, it was an amazing experience. The show was put on by @christinaevolved editor in chief of @evolvedmagazine . The event offered everything from top notch planning, organization, staffing and more. All weekend the DJ, the MC @itsmsbernadette, and all of the attendees, mostly california shops and vendors, came together generating the most welcoming environment imaginable.

As a new brand it's never easy to manage public events, particularly as a multi-facetted label like us.

We discussed, educated and networked amongst consumers and businesses. We were welcomed and encouraged by the local community of ventura and felt immediately at home. Whether sales are slow or not, it is the engaging and positive energy of individuals that fuels our passion. Each and every person involved in our future is part of the club. Every little bit of advice makes us go further step by step. For a brand, the networking never stops and the time and work we put in will eventually lead to success. When a passion becomes a community and a lifestyle becomes your business to support family and friends morally or financially we define success in a different way. We build our reality, we are the future. So, next time join us on the road, wherever we go and wherever it may lead.

Thank you for having us!


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